Redskins Save the Patriots

You read that correctly; The Washington Redskins have saved the Patriots, but not the Patriots you may be familiar with. We’re talking about the Yorktown Patriots, a youth football league supporting around 200 young players and cheerleaders each season. Last month, the Patriots suffered a setback when the contents of one of their storage containers was completely destroyed, setting the league back by around $10,000. The container stored game concessions used to raise money for the league and cheerleading uniforms. The containers uninsured, the league did not know how it would recoup from it’s loss. Thanks to a story on WAVY TV 10, the community responded by pledging a number of small donations to help the league out. The video below is the original story aired on WAVY TV 10.

What happened next was completely unexpected. The vice president of the league, Joan Holloway, received a call from Daniel Snyder, owner of the NFL team the Washington Redskins. Snyder  surprised everyone when he pledged a $10,000 donation on behalf of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation to cover the loss suffered by the league. Below is the story that WAVY TV 10 aired when it learned about the donation.

Computer Concepts has been a supporter of the New Yorktown Patriots for years with family members of Alan Healy and Hank Healy, two of our co-owners, participating in the league. Currently Hank serves as the league president and was interviewed for the first story above. All we can say is that we are delighted that our team has been made whole once again an we are grateful to the community and to the Redskins for their contributions. Stories like this just go to show that there is plenty of good in this world, football being one thing we can count on to bring people and communities together.

If you are interested in making a donation to the New Yorktown Patriots to support their mission and help them to support more young athletes, you can visit the donation page on their website by clicking here.

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